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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to register?

Yes, to apply for tree felling permit (NOC) one needs to be a registered user on state single window portal on , while to access other feature such as search & download permits, search inspections reports, etc. can be availed without registering on single window portal as well on

In future, the portal will be made accessible by common signup as well.

2. When do I register?

If you are in business that requires a tree felling permit before the commencement of construction or building activities

3. How does one get registered?

Any user can sign up by filling basic contact details on single window portal

4. What documents do I need to submit with the application?
The following documents are mandatory for tree-felling permit,

  1. Certificate of Ownership of Land and Trees (annexure-I) from or issued by a Revenue officer,
  2. Surveyed Sketch Map of the Land,
  3. Photo Identity (PAN / Aadhar / Voter ID / Driving License/Passport),
  4. Tree photo with date & number marked by paint,
  5. Details of Land (Revenue Slip/Khatauni Copy, Other Ownership Proof).

Apart from these, documents like copy of previous permissions, land records, location map, etc. can also be uploaded while filling the application

5. What are the different categories of application that I can make?
There are two types of application that the user can make: A. For self-certification in case of exempted categories of tree: As per the notification issue under TPA 1976, the following categories of trees are exempted from requirements of tree felling permit If the tree species you are applying for, falls under this category of 19 species as per the above notification please fill the application for the same and get real-time self-certification online. The user can download the certificate. However, the user still needs to follow the tree replantation requirements as guided by competent forest authority B. For tree felling in case of non-exempted categories of tree: All other species apart from the listed in exempted categories fall under the category of non-exempted category. Please fill the application for the same to get tree-felling permit. A separate ravanna permit is required for the same.

6. How much does it cost to fill the application, and how do I pay?
There is no cost for filling the application in both the cases; exempted and non-exempted. But, after the inspection of the site by forest officials in case of non-exempted category, user may be required to pay security deposit against the re-plantation requirements as per the TPA 1976. The cost is Rs 1500 / per tree and needs to be submitted in form of NSC certificated. The user can send the same by speed post and enter the information on and does not need to visit the forest departments.

7. Where can I get further information?

Further information can be gathered by visiting the download section of the portal Or by visiting the forest department website

User can also contact the officer of CCF-Admin (Nodal Officer), Forest HQ, 85-Rajpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, E-mail for further information.

8. When will the tree felling permission granted to me?

A. In case on exempted category: Instantaneously from the portal (same day)

B. In case on non-exempted category: Within 30 days of the application made. The user can download inspection report and permit from:

9. Do I need to separately apply for permit from Horticulture department?

No, In case of fruit-bearing species on agriculture land the application can be made through the portal as well. No separate process is required for the same.

10. Where do I have to submit/send NSC in lieu of replanting of trees?

To the concern DFO office from whom you have sought for tree felling NOC.

11. What if i don’t get permission in stipulated time period?

An appeal can be made to the concerned “Conservator of Forests (CF).” within 30 days of the denial-order and the decision of the Conservator shall be final.

12. DO I need to take permission for transit of felled trees?
Yes, one has to take transit permit issued by the concern authority (DFO).